TeamHPC offers offer a wide range of affordable, high performance servers that can be used for HPC cluster nodes, databases, web service, e-mail, enterprise applications, file sharing, high-speed storage and more. Our fast, reliable servers are custom-configured to meet your specific speed, application and budget requirements.

TeamHPC Servers categories

Benefits of TeamHPC Servers include:


Maximize your server capacity with more CPU cores in less rack space.


TeamHPC servers can be configured with mirrored system disks, RAID storage and redundant power for increased reliability and peace of mind.


We offer multi-core CPU platforms, smaller form factors and low-wattage power- efficient CPUs for better thermal efficiency and lower operating costs.


TeamHPC servers are available with the latest chipsets, processors, large shared memory and fastest interconnects (including InfiniBand, Myrinet and 10G) for optimal performance.


As our servers are custom-configured to meet your needs, we offer a wide range of options for CPU core count, memory capacity, disk capacity, RAID levels, operating systems and form factors.

Technology Expertise:

As an Intel Premier Provider and an AMD Platinum Partner, TeamHPC has an unmatched expertise in their newest chipset technology.

ISO Quality:

All Team HPC servers are built and pre-tested in our ISO-certified manufacturing facility before shipping, for unmatched performance reliability and streamlined installation.

All TeamHPC servers are covered under a 3-year warranty, with trouble-shooting offered for the life of the system.

Sales Representative:

Contact your TeamHPC sales representative to learn how our Professional Services team can customize a HPC solution that meets your organizations needs.

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